Color Tips from the Color Expert

These are tough times indeed. Personal budgets are getting tighter and consumers are forgoing regular beauty treatments for do-it-yourself solutions. "Why go to the hair salon to get your hair colored, when you can do it at home, right?"

Bella Bethesda Salon understands, but despite what you might think, professional coloring can actually save money in the long run. That's why Bella Bethesda's color specialist, Boy Sharp, recently offered hair care tips to extend the life of your color and keep your hair looking fresh and vibrant in between visits. Following these few tips and giving your hair extra care can stretch the time between appointments and keep you looking fabulous longer.

  1. Be conscious of the shampoo you use. Shampoo with a low surfactant (cleaning agent) won't pull out moisture and will help keep color locked in. Also, shampooing less will increase permanence.
  2. Conditioner is most important. Don't use a polymer based conditioner - it suffocates the hair. Leave the conditioner in for a few minutes and rinse out using colder water than you shampooed with.
  3. Be aware of your styling products. Mousse and aerosol hairsprays have drying agents that strip the moisture from the hair. Try products by Phyto that focus on keeping colored hair healthy.
  4. Be careful applying heat. If using straighteners, curling irons, or blow dryers use a thermal protectant like a leave-in conditioner. Start with the cool setting first and apply more heat as needed.
  5. Work with your stylist. Color adds personality and definition to hair and can easily be tweaked for seasonal and lifestyle changes. Talk with your stylist to create your ideal coloring regimen to achieve the perfect look.
  6. Go with the healthier option. Store dyes contain harsh chemicals that strip the hair and often the color changes over time. Correcting at-home color mistakes can be expensive and extremely damaging process that can be avoided by going to a salon.
  7. Benefits outweigh the price. Self application can be tricky. Professional coloring can result in a more controlled and natural look.
  8. Not ready for a complete change? Highlights and lowlights enhance natural color and can recreate texture, volume and shine.
  9. Protect your hair while adding some personality. Go with a gloss. Kick up your shine and add a hint of color. Perfect for any hair color.
  10. Color does not need to be drastic. Semi-permanent and demi-permanent dyes can be applied to soften grays or add lasting vibrancy to hair.