Bella Bethesda Salon Offers Ways to Relax This Summer


Through August 31, Bella Bethesda is offering a free follow-up hair wash and blow dry, along with a retail size shampoo and conditioner (up to a $100 value) for clients who receive any of the featured straightening treatments.

As the days get hotter and humidity levels rise, we know those of you with curly and damaged hair are preparing to fight the frizz. DC weather offers little sympathy to unruly hair but Bella Bethesda has a great solution! We have a variety of straightening options that will give both you and your tresses some time to relax this summer.

Because we offer a variety of straightening options, it's best to meet with one of our trained stylists, such as curly hair expert Megan, prior to any treatments. You'll work with your stylist to determine what is best for your hair and needs.

Treatments available at Bella include:

  • Anti-curl treatment: This conditioning treatment removes curls, controls frizz, and creates shine. The protein in this treatment helps repair existing damage and adds protection to improve hair’s strength. This is a permanent treatment that is ideal for very frizzy hair. ($150+)
  • Phyto relaxer: This treatment is made of all natural ingredients, including egg and soy extract. There are multiple levels available that relax, repair and hydrate all hair types from fine to coarse. This is a permanent treatment that will eliminate frizz while leaving body and shine. ($220+)
  • Brazilian Keratin treatment: This is a non-chemical relaxer that coats the hair with the keratin protein to smooth and add extra protection. This is a non-permanent treatment that fades after repeated washings and offers the flexibility to wear hair curly or straight. (starts at $300)
  • Smooth Control/Japanese straightening: Both are permanent chemical relaxing processes known as thermal reconditioning. The straightening chemical is bonded to the hair by flat ironing which restructures the hair from the inside out. This process results in extremely sleek, straight hair that will last until hair grows out. (price per consultation)
*Straightening treatments are available at Bella everyday with the exception of the Brazilian Keratin treatment, which is only available on Mondays. Application of the straightening treatments takes at least two hours to complete and prices and results vary.

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