The Science of Great Hair Color

Happy 2010! As the New Year kicks off, we are very excited to announce that Bella Bethesda has been named the best salon in Bethesda by Bethesda Magazine readers for the second year in a row (check out this month’s edition for more)! We can’t express our gratitude for your votes and support. With this title we’re reminded how important it is for our stylists to continually strengthen their skills, so that we can make every single one of your visits to Bella the best they can be!

Stylist Boy Sharp came back from California in August with a series of new cutting techniques, and most recently stylists Katie and Tania visited the Big Apple to work firsthand with leading experts on their coloring skills.

Katie spent two days at the Wella Studio at Rockefeller Center in the heart of NYC. And Tania, a few blocks away, attended a four-day class at the Redken 5th Avenue studio. To kick things off, the classes went back to basics and then worked with the stylists to build and improve their skills.

Because color does fade over time, Wella’s coloring class provided tips for extending the life of hair color. Katie learned that adding cellophane to color can make a big difference. Not only does it add tons of shine, it won’t damage your hair and will keep color locked in longer. Katie also learned about Wella’s relights system, which is perfect for touchups and grey hair. The relights mesh with existing color to refresh hair for a natural look. Katie loves relights so much that she’s used them on almost every color client since returning!

At Redken, Tania learned the science of color and strengthened her skills when it comes to giving a thorough consultation. During her class, stylists learned about the chemical components found in hair dyes and the importance of creating the perfect formula to achieve the right look. Stylists had the opportunity to work with real models to practice the technical and interpersonal skills learned over the four days- meaning they had the benefit of real-time feedback. Tania says all consultations are unique but the fundamentals she learned at Redken can be applied to every client.

“It is fun to connect with other stylists and see how techniques differ in locations across the country. I hope Bella’s eagerness to learn shows our clients that as a team, we are thinking outside the box and want to provide the best service to them.”-Katie

“My class not only taught me new techniques but motivated me. It is so important to be aware of your client and their needs. Understanding your client makes your work more detailed and efficient. Being on par with the client is a must.” -Tania

Next up? Katie plans to attend the next class within the Wella color series and a cutting class in the spring. Tania will continue with color classes, but first, this March she will return to Redken to learn the new trends in bridal updos as the wedding season kicks off.

Stay tuned to hear more from the Bella Bethesda stylists. Interested hearing more about the techniques Katie and Tania learned? Please call Bella Bethesda at 301-718-9111 to book your appointment.