Bella Bethesda's Newest Junior Stylist

Abby Whalen has spent the last two years at Bella Bethesda Salon perfecting her skills and training to be a talented stylist. Many of you know her because of her tenure as Lindsey’s assistant to learn the tricks of the trade and hone her cut and coloring techniques.

Since her apprenticeship with Lindsey, Abby has taken on her own clients, including kids and teens, and has worked with our senior stylists to gain the experience and confidence to join our staff full time. And now, as February comes to a close, we can’t be more excited to have Abby complete her first month serving as a junior stylist at Bella Bethesda Salon!

It seems fitting that her transition to junior stylist culminated with an ABC Cutting Class with Vidal Sassoon, the preferred cutting techniques of her mentor Lindsey. For five days, Abby refreshed and refined her skills in sunny South Beach, Miami while working closely with the head educator Stephen Moody. Moody also serves as International Executive Director of Vidal Sassoon Education.

The class covered the techniques needed to master every type of haircut stylists may encounter from long hair to bobs, men to women. Real models were provided for the stylists to try out what they had learned but also allowed them to focus on their consultation and interpersonal skills.

“This class was great. Having watched Lindsey put the Vidal Sassoon techniques into action, this class really helped to bring together everything I have learned over the last few years. Now, I’m even more prepared to give great haircuts, no matter who sits in my chair. I am very excited to begin this next step in my career at Bella Bethesda.”

Although she will use the next few months to put these techniques to practice and take on new clients at the salon, Abby looks forward to expanding her education with more classes in the future.

If you would like to learn more about the Vidal Sassoon cutting techniques or to reserve your appointment with Abby please call 301.718.9111.

We hope to see you in the salon soon!