Why Cut?

Whether you're searching for a trendy cut or just updating your traditional look, having a hairstyle that suites you is important. But, fabulous looks are an art form. In fact, the best ones come from hairstylists who understand not just the how, but the why behind cutting techniques. So, last week Bella Bethesda stylists, Tania and Katie, hit up NYC for a back-to-basics course with Redken called "Cut and Know Why".

Tania did not have the traditional training most stylists do. With her natural ability, she was able to learn by example, from a family of hairstylists, and received her certification from mentors and on-floor experience. This class was a great refresher course for Tania, focusing on the fundamentals of cutting that are so essential to crafting any great look. The instructors began by breaking down the cutting process for the stylists and forced them to focus on individual skills in order to perfect their technique.

Through this hands-on course stylists were able to gain consultation experience as well; learning how to utilize face structure as a guideline for giving the client a cut that works well with their face shape.

Because Tania would like to be an instructor in the future, she said the most valuable take-away from the class was understanding why she uses the techniques she does. This will enable her to be a better communicator not only with clients, but also with future apprentices and assistants.

"[They] motivate me to become a great hairdresser. Redken makes you want to learn and do more within the industry," said Tania.

Katie also thrived off the high energy environment provided by Redken. Each morning of the four-day course, stylists were greeted by enthusiastic instructors excited to dive in. Being Katie's first experience at Redken, she left with a well-rounded understanding of what goes into creating a complete look.

The course also equipped stylists with simple ways to change their techniques, enabling them to work faster and more efficiently thus providing clients with better results. As stylists were walked through the step-by-step process, no detail was forgotten. Each part was broken down for them to ensure their technique was perfect- even down to their posture.

So, what's Katie's greatest take-away from the course? A face-framing technique. "It's perfect every time, I don't ever need to go back through and touch up," said Katie. She loves it so much that she immediately started using it on clients upon her return and has received great feedback!

Because Katie had such a positive experience with Redken, next on the agenda are two more Redken classes: a color class in October and another cutting class in January. She is looking towards a Design Certification in the near future to become a recommended stylist on the Redken website.

If you would like to learn more about the basics of cutting or to set up an appointment with Tania or Katie please call (301) 718-9111. We hope to see you in the salon soon!