Weekly Featured Product: Phyto Professional Matte Texturizing Paste

Bella Bethesda expert who recommends this great product: Megan

What makes this product so special? That's simple. Its ingerdients because they're just that- simple. Like the traditional Phyto products, the new Phyto Professional line features products made with the finest plant ingredients such as acacia collagen (AKA vegetable collagen) which not only hydrates but protects hair from the everyday elements. The natural collagen not only protects your hair but gives it an extra dose of texture and definition and especially in the summer- when hair can become limp as a result of humidity- you may need an extra boost. This product is great for all hair types and provides a medium hold while thickening your strands. Emulsify a nickel size amount in your hands and style with your fingers. Use this to finish your look without being sticky or crunchy. Starting today, stop by Bella Bethesda Salon to receive $5.00 off Phyto Professional Matte Texturizing Paste until Monday, July 12.

What you need to know about this product:

This product will deliver separation, definition and texture