Reinventing the haircut

Going to a salon and asking for a completely new look is not for everyone. At Bella Bethesda, we believe what makes a great salon experience is achieving a look that is functional, desirable and manageable for each client. While we continue to learn new techniques and styles, we always remember that enhancing our existing skills is the key to improving your experience each time you sit in the stylist chair.

This was the approach Bella stylist, Megan Atkinson, took when visiting our neighbors to the north in July. For five days, Megan attended a Vidal Sassoon Creative Cutting course in Toronto, Canada. It was here that she learned new techniques to help give every client an updated haircut in lieu of making drastic changes. “Rather than learning how to mimic a popular celebrity trend, this class taught the dynamics needed to update an existing style to make it more functional and manageable without structurally changing the outcome,” said Megan.

With every cut, how the hair is cut is dependent on the desired outcome of the individual and their lifestyle needs. While there are clients who look for total transformations when they visit the salon, the majority wishes just to freshen their look and the techniques provide do just that. The focus of this class was not how to reinvent a person’s look but rather make it more their own. Megan left with a cache of tips that help improve the intricacy of every cut to make it truly unique.

Megan believes hands-on-learning is a must and this class gave her the ability to test her new knowledge while still facing real life expectations. Check out Megan’s work:

Since returning, Megan has put many techniques into practice to deliver all types of great cuts from bobs to curly looks. Want to learn more or make an appointment with Megan? Call Bella Bethesda at 301-718-9111.