Weekly Featured Product: Phyto Phytorhum Fortifying Shampoo

Bella Bethesda expert who recommends this great product: Boy Sharp
What do you get when you mix rum and egg yolk? And no, it’s not eggnog (wrong season). As the humidity level is kicked up a notch and the D.C. summer heat quickly approaches, now is the time to add an extra dose of life to your locks with Phtyorhum Fortifying Shampoo.

Think of Phytorhum as an energy bath for ultra-dry and brittle hair that stops these hair woes in their tracks and makes sure lifeless hair is out of sight this summer.

Perfect for medium-fine texture, this once-a-week treatment is best when used every fifth and tenth shampoo to invigorate and fortify. Enriched with egg yolk and fragrant rum, this treatment will restore life, bounce and movement back into hair.

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What You Need to Know About this Product: Energizing shampoo for tired hair. Go from lifeless to full of life in one wash.