5 Day Creative Cutting Course in Miami Beach

Bella Bethesda stylists, Katie and Indira, spent the last week of summer in sunny Miami Beach at the exclusive Vidal Sassoon Academy.  They were very excited to further their education by attending Creative Cutting, a course focusing on developing creative looks and innovative cutting techniques specifically tailored for each client.

Since completing the course, both Katie and Indira feel that their clients love the new looks, new cutting techniques and of course their new hair styles.  As a stylist, staying motivated can be a challenge so that is why continual education is very important here at Bella.

Indira takes on that challenge by trying to be more technical and creative with each class she attends.  Creative Cutting taught Indira how to position her body while cutting which will help create the proper angle to produce the best haircut and final product.  “Learning how to improve your skills and refine what you already know is a must”, says Indira. Due to refreshing her skills, Indira’s haircuts have become  much easier. Indira also learned how to communicate clearer with her clients.  Allowing her to put them at ease and enjoy their time at Bella.

For Katie, this was her first creative cutting course. She learned how to be more precise and to slow down with her precision and sectioning of the hair.  To generate a brilliant cut, it is important to cross check even sections to eliminate taking short cuts.  This class taught me how to develop my techniques, so I can create the best looks and styles for my clients,” says Katie.  “It was a wonderful experience and has made me a better stylist.”

No matter what haircut you desire, both Katie and Indira can construct a fantastic original look!  Call 301-718-9111 to take advantage of their newest knowledge!