Weekly Featured Product: Phytosquame

Bella Bethesda expert who recommends this great product: Tania

As the temperatures continue to fall and the cold air gets brutal, your hair is no longer the only factor at risk. What about your scalp? It’s not too late to give this other important part of your head some attention – Phytosquame is here to help.

This product is a shock treatment to combat dandruff and itching and it acts on all the parameters responsible for dandruff. Packed with essential oils of juniper sage, cajuput, thyme, rosemary and lavender, Phytosquame reduces the bacterial flora associated with dandruff conditions. It also relieves scalp itchiness with its tea tree essence ingredient. Just apply the product to your dry scalp before shampooing, and you’ll feel healthier immediately.

Even if you don’t usually suffer from dandruff, this product is still great for you. The cold air can do damage to even those not typically affected by dryness or itchiness in their scalps. So, be prepared for the upcoming winter by using Phytosquame.

What You Need to Know About This Product: Exfoliates your scalp and relieves dryness and itchiness.