2011 Ends with the Inspiring World of Redken!

Bella Bethesda was thrilled to host Platform Artist, Jason Gribbin from Redken 5th Avenue, on Monday, November 28th, who taught us about the Inspiring World of Redken.  Jason had a gifted way of coaching each individual stylist to foster their own strengths and skills.  He shared his knowledge on the current trends and techniques and made sure that the stylists continue to think outside the box when working with their own clients.  Jason’s passion for teaching, with a focus on personal growth and development exudes in everything he does.  During the four hour class he touched upon color, cutting, braiding and curling.  With a lot of information to take in, our experienced stylists here at Bella were excited for the opportunity to further grow and develop their skills.
Leading up to Jason’s arrival, we had multiple stylists out of the salon furthering their own individual education.  Stylists, Abby, Courtney and co-owner Lindsey all traveled to the West Coast to the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, Ca. from October 11 – 15th.  This was Abby’s first Creative Cutting class where she learned to take techniques from the ABC Cutting class and fuse them together to make creative cutting combinations.  “The haircuts taught in this class were more “over the top” looks with extreme flair, but they can definitely be turned into everyday looks”, says Abby.  The stylists all agree that going back to cover the basics, cleaning the sections, leaves no room for error when using these techniques. 
Just a week later stylists Demetrios, Cintia and Tania traveled to the Redken Exchange in Manhattan, NY for Color 911-The Next Generation, on October 24th – 26th. This class focused on color correction in terms of multiple colors. You may think that this class would involve brassy yellows, oranges, pinks and purples, but that was not the case at all. “One of the hardest colors to tweak is red heads.  Most clients cannot expect perfection within one visit to the salon, as color correction is a work in progress,” says Demetrios.  The team left NY with valuable methods and techniques that will create easier and more economical procedures, while also maintaining the integrity of the hair.
As our 2011 elite education comes to an end, we welcome 2012, as there is much more lined up for our stylists.  So stay tuned as we bring more wisdom and knowledge your way!