Q & A with Bridal Coordinator Amanda

We sat down with Amanda, our Bridal Coordinator, to get all the answers a bride will ever need to know for her upcoming wedding day!  Any further questions or comments can be forwarded to Amanda at amanda@bellabethesda.com.

At what point of the wedding process should a bride start to look for a hair salon?
As soon as he puts a ring on your finger! Okay, maybe beauty services are not the first task on a bride’s to-do list but it should be a priority. Bella books brides as early as one year prior to their wedding date. Once you set a date, let us know about it!

How far in advance should a bride schedule her wedding hair and makeup services?
The sooner the better, even if you do not know all of the details regarding your wedding day we can reserve the date for you to insure our availability. I would recommend contacting us 4-6 months prior to your wedding date.

Is a makeup and/or hair trial really necessary?
The goal of our bridal team is to provide you with a personalized look that allows you to feel beautiful and confident. Our bridal team uses the trial as an opportunity to get to know you, your style, your expectations and of course your face and hair!

The hair and makeup services provided at your trial are never 100 % perfect, but allow us to make changes on the wedding day to insure perfection! After your trial, I will touch base with you to discuss any changes you may want to make on your wedding day.

When should I schedule my trial?
You should schedule your trial 6 weeks prior to your wedding date.  This allows your bridal stylist to become familiar with the state your hair will be in, on your wedding day.

How should a bride prepare for her trial?
You should bring pictures of hair and make-up styles that you like; this is a great way to communicate your desires. When choosing pictures remember that you may have a different face shape, hair type or skin tone – these factors play a role in how the style will look on you. Have no worries- our talented artists can use a picture as inspiration to create a look uniquely perfect for you.

Please arrive to the salon with clean, dry hair. We recommend washing your hair the evening before or morning of your trial.

If you have any accessories that you plan to wear on the wedding day please bring them with you (ex: veil, flower, crown).

How long will the trial take?
Each trial lasts 1 hour and 15 min. If you plan to receive hair and makeup services from Bella on your wedding day then we will do our best to schedule your hair and makeup trials back to back on the same day.

How much does a bride pay on the day of the trial?
A bridal hair trial is priced at $75. A makeup trial is priced at $50.

Do my bridesmaids need to have a trial?
If your bridesmaid or any other member of your bridal party desires to receive a trial, we would be glad to accommodate them at our salon in Bethesda. A trial is not required for a bridesmaid or any other member of your bridal party.

How long will it take on the day of the wedding?
The exact time it will take to perform your bridal style will be determined at your trial. A standard bridal style is scheduled for 1 hour and 15 min. If you elect to receive a blow dry with your bridal style then it will take approximately 1 hour and 45 min.

What brands of makeup do you use on brides?
We carry our own brand of mineral makeup. Our brand is hypoallergenic and has protective qualities such as SPF. Our makeup brand is very light weight and appears natural on the skin.

How do I care for my skin leading up to the wedding?
Our makeup artists recommend scheduling a facial one week prior to your wedding day. Do not receive a facial closer than one week so that your skin has time to recover. Moisturize your skin twice a day to insure a smooth texture. Drink a lot of water and maintain a healthy diet by avoiding greasy food.

Are the Bella Bethesda wedding hair and/or makeup services available off location? Yes, we would be honored to serve your wedding party and yourself outside of our salon in Bethesda! In order for our talented team to pack up their equipment and travel to you, we ask that three or more guests receive beauty services.

If so, what areas/regions do you cover? MD
What are your travel fees?
When our team travels to you, three separate fees will be incurred.

The off-site service fee is $110 if your venue is within 5 miles of our salon, $165 if your venue is beyond 5 miles from our salon and $220 if your venue is beyond 10 miles from our salon.  The travel fee is $1 per mile, round trip. You will also be responsible for all parking expenses.

How many people can you style on the day of?
The number of guests that our bridal team can accommodate is dependent on our team’s availability. We often serve large bridal parties of 10 or more members. We will do everything in our ability to fulfill your service needs.

How does a bride secure her wedding date? What if she needs to cancel her booking?
Once you fill out the contact form found on our website, I will contact you regarding our availability. If our team is available, I will ask you to fill out the bella brides” form on our website. Once I receive this information, I will compose a contract for your approval. When I receive the signed contract your wedding date will be officially booked in our system. You can secure your wedding date by signing the Bella Bethesda bridal contract. If you need to alter or cancel any services outlined in your contract, we require that you notify us two weeks prior to your wedding date.  If any services are cancelled after the two week deadline, you will be responsible for the balance. 

When should I have my hair cut and/or colored before the wedding?
Our bridal stylists recommend scheduling your cut and color 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. Make sure to discuss any potential changes with your cut or color with your bridal stylists at your trial.

What products should I use on my hair leading up to the wedding?
Your bridal stylist can make recommendations on products and customize your regimen month to month.

What about hair treatments, do they really work?
Treatments are great for all hair types as they can be customized to best fit each type of hair.  They help moisturize, add protein, and/or give manageability to stressed hair.  Everyone knows how stress can show in our skin, hair and overall appearance. 

I have short hair what can I do for my wedding day?
Short hair can be worn a variety of ways on your wedding day. You may consider wearing it down either curly or straight with an accessory such as a headband, flower, accent hair comb or crown. Depending on the length of your hair, you may be able to wear an up-do. Your bridal stylist will help you to determine the best way to create the appearance of an up-do if you desire.

What can I do the morning of the wedding, for instance should I wash my hair and what should I be wearing?
Our bridal stylists recommend washing your hair the evening before or the morning of your wedding day. We ask that you arrive with clean, dry hair to your bridal appointment. Our bridal stylists are in agreement that washing your hair prior to your appointment produces the best results. If the hair is freshly washed and dried in the salon, it does not hold a style as well as hair washed several hours before.

Can a photographer accompany the bridal party into the salon?
Yes, we would like advance notice.

Does Bella offer packages for large groups?
No. Updo’s and bridal styling is a unique talent and not every stylist encompasses those traits.  We can only accommodate in regards to the stylists we have on hand.

Can you request a certain stylist or does Bella choose for the bride?
Please let us know if you would like to request a specific bridal stylist or makeup artist for your special day! You can preview our artist’s work http://bellabethesda.com/looks/ by viewing the look books on the bridal page of our website. We will do our best to schedule you with the stylist and/or makeup artist you request.

How do I pay for my bridal services?
You will pay for your trial in the salon after you receive your services. In regards to the wedding day services, you will be required to pay two weeks prior to your wedding date.  I will send one PayPal invoice to an email address designated by the bride.  I will send the invoice 1 month before your wedding date, allowing you two weeks to take care of the balance.

As we conclude our session with Amanda, we want to thank her for her time and knowledge. Amanda is very passionate about making every bride feel special here at Bella and looks forward to meeting each new bride in the upcoming year.  Thank you!