Stylist of the Week: Corey

Corey has over twenty years of experience working in the hair industry. While he cannot reference what exactly made him become a stylist, he says the friendships he has developed with his clients keep him in it! Corey is the go to color expert. His unique style and approach make him one of the most sought after color stylists around. His clients are very loyal and they just love how he can achieve their desired color look.

Corey livens up the salon with his funny, outgoing and energetic personality. While working he likes to play the classics including the Beatles, Johnny Cash and Sam Cooke. Outside of the salon, Corey is an avid baseball fan and is a college fast pitch coach. He loves working with children and says that he would be a sports coach full time if he did not work at Bella. To Corey, any location can serve as the ideal vacation as long as he's with his family!