Weekly Trend: Red Hair

Bella Bethesda expert: Lindsey

Only 2 percent of the population is born with naturally red hair, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us have to miss out on all the fiery fun! Think: Lucille Ball, Cynthia Nixon, Debra Messing -- all iconic redheads who had a little help from the right product.
Red is a hot color this spring for all hair types, ages, and skin tones. The key to redhead success is matching the tint of the color to your skin tone, and starting with a nice clean head of hair. Bella Bethesda’s redhead in residence, Lindsey, advises that all clients have a consultation with their stylist so you can find your perfect red. Here are some guidelines for choosing your ideal shade:

Light Skin Tones: Usually look best with strawberry blonde, bright copper or red-red hair. Fair complexions should stick to warmer shades of red and avoid violet reds that make you look too pale.                                                                                                      
Celebrity Inspiration: Nicole Kidman, Karen Elson, and Christina Hendricks

Medium Skin Tones: Coppery blonde to medium auburn shades look most complimentary on medium skin tones. Dark eggplant hues, bright coppers, and light orange-reds should be avoided.    
Celebrity Inspiration:Julia Roberts, Khloe Kardashian, and Jessica Alba

Dark Skin Tones: Red hair can be the perfect contrast for darker skin tones. Stick to voilet-based cooler red shades and avoid very light reds.
Celebrity Inspiration: Rihanna, Tyra Banks, and Beyonce

Bella Bethesda uses the color lines Wella and Redken to help you achieve stunning, natural looking color. Ask about your percect red at your next appointment!