Weekly Trend:  Creative Hair Accessories

Bella Bethesda Expert: Indira
We all dread bad hair days, but when your locks are not cooperating and you have a special event, things go from bad to worse. Whether you’re battling the rain, humidity or just a lack of time, Bella stylist Indira recommends controlling unruly tresses with the help of elegant hair accessories. Just about any item in your jewelry box can be repurposed to add a touch of romance to your hairstyle. Here are a few fun ideas:

Necklace Headbands

Try turning a crystal-studded necklace into a tiara fit for royalty. To get this look, slick back your hair into a loose bun, then take a long necklace and wrap it around the crown of your head (just like a headband). Pin it in place with bobby pins.

Brooch Ponytail

Turn an ordinary ponytail into a show stopper by adding an ornamental brooch. Simply tie back your hair and secure the brooch with the help of bobby pins. For added sophistication and movement, consider curling your hair.
Bejeweled Braid

Add excitement to an updo by threading a sparkling chain into a braid and then rolling it back into a bun. Secure the style with pins. We love this look for weddings.