Weekly Trend: Fashionable Ponytails

Bella Bethesda Expert: Cintia

Ponytails are a busy girl's best friend. This everyday style can be transformed from tomboy to chic in just a few easy steps. The best part is, ponytails are flattering to any age group or hair type - you just need locks long enough to tie up! Bella stylist Cintia recommends starting with slightly dirty hair, which will add body and hold styles best. You should also stock your ponytail toolkit with hairspray such as Pureology's Strengthening Control Hairspray and pomade like Pureology's Cuticle Polisher Serum to keep flyaways in check.

When you're ready to spice up this basic updo, check out some of Cintia's favorite looks:

The Wrapped Ponytail
This subtly elegant look was all over the Fall runways. To get in on the trend, simply create a normal ponytail, then separate a thick strand of hair from the tail and tightly wrap it around the elastic, securing with a bobby pin. You can wear your wrapped ponytail low or high.

The Braided Ponytail
If you have long hair, jazz up your ponytail by braiding it. This style works well on both high and low updos, and can be super sleek.

The Ponytail with Flair
Why let the tail have all the fun? Add flair to the rest of your hair by creating a French braid parted to one side of your head. Combine the styles above by braiding the full strand of hair and then wrapping it around your ponytail.

Cintia's Favorite Quick Tip: To make your hair appear fuller, add extra hair elastics to your ponytail. This secret trick will instantly lift hair out further from your head and add bounce!