Weekly Trend: Multi-Dimensional Color

Bella Bethesda Expert: Demetrios

Whether it's soft pastels, loud hues, or bright florals, colors are in this summer. And that doesn't just go for your clothes. This week's trend is all about rich, multi-dimensional color that will warm you up faster than a sunny beach. Bella stylist Demetrios has the lowdown on this healthful summer look.

Multi-dimensional color uses various techniques that combine two or more colors in similar families for a natural, deep look. This works for all hair types and ages because it's really about enhancing the color that suits you best with some fuller tones. Your stylist can work with you to determine the best color family for your skin tone and hair. Using good maintenance products, such as Redken or Pureology shampoo, is key to ensure lasting multi-dimensional color.

Multi-Dimensional Blonde: Avoid a harsh bleached or streaky blonde do by going for a warmer, multi-dimensional honey color. First time blonde? This is a great way to gradually introduce it into your style.

Multi-Dimensional Brunette: If your brown locks are feeling a little drab, cheer them up with multi-dimensional coloring that shines from every angle. Whether you're a dark chestnut or light cinnamon, this technique will give you a luminous glow inside and out.

Multi-Dimensional Red: The key to redhead success is matching skin tone with the right tint of color. Multi-dimensional reds are a great way to ensure a deep, vivacious look while avoiding any harshness.

Ask about your perfect multi-dimensional color at your next appointment!