Free your Inner Curl!

“Free your inner curl” is the motto of best-selling author, Lorraine Massey, who created a product line and an industry haircut called DevaCurl. What is DevaCurl you ask? As the name suggests, the line is designed for guests with curly hair - from slightly curly to very curly – and we are now offering it at Bella Bethesda Salon. Devacurl has less aggressive shampoo, conditioners, and styling products that enhance the curl in the hair to become more natural and bouncy. Best of all, it is a service and technique that teaches you how to encourage the natural curl, starting at the scalp.

First, the proper support product (gel or cream) is used and the hair is softly squeezed into shape.  Even after this initial step you will begin to see a great curl take shape. The curls are then held in place with small clips placed in a circle around the crown area. Now simply allow the hair to dry naturally or use a Deva Fuser (DevaCurl’s own special diffuser) and then remove the clips. Add some shine spray or drops and shake it out. Voila, you now have soft, natural, curly, hair.

Lorraine Massey wanted to launch a specific line that demonstrated why curly hair needed to be treated differently than other hair textures.  Millions of women across the country are praising this line, which is helping them understand why sham-“poo” (not found in the DevaCurl line) has dehydrating ingredients, which are curly hair’s worst enemy.

Last month, our team at Bella Bethesda learned firsthand how this product line and the DevaCurl haircut would change the lives of curly haired clients! We love our loyal curly girls, and want to do everything we can to help them love their hair. During the certification, our trained stylists were asked to think outside the box and try out new techniques.  The DevaCurl haircut requires no tension, no combing and a lot of shaping on dry hair.  “This new technique can be intimidating for the client but they will soon see how their shape can change dramatically without losing length. It will look even better with time”, says stylist Courtney.

Try it for yourself and come let our team help bring out your innermost curly girl! Please stay tuned for our Curly Hair month in August!