Weekly Trend: Blunt Fringe

Bella Bethesda Expert: Megan

Full, dramatic bangs offer an instant dose of cool to any haircut. This style is replacing softer, side swept fringe and is certainly not a look to hide behind. Bella Bethesda's fringe expert, Megan, is a huge fan of this fresh cut and recommends it for clients with straight or wavy hair. Just beware: those with curly hair or hair with unruly growth patterns should stay away from this style. Megan also says it is crucial you consult with your stylist about which type of fringe is right for your face shape. In general, wide, blunt bangs work best on the following face shapes:

Oval: Since this is the most symmetrical face type, it is the perfect canvas for any type of bangs!

Long and Oblong: Blunt, wide bangs are your best friend if you have a long, narrow face. This cut will add width and balance to your features.

Square: This face shape should embrace a full bangs that are cut narrower in the middle.

Straight across, wide bangs can draw attention to the widest part of heart shaped and round faces and should be avoided. Instead of trying this trend, opt for longer, side swept bangs that hit below the chin to create the illusion of a longer, more balanced appearance.

Bella Bethesda stylist and makeup artist Tania shows off edgy bangs with straight hair.