Weekly Trend: Voluminous Blow Dry

Bella Bethesda Expert: Jenn

Let your hair down and embrace the timeless look of the big, bouncy blow dry. This look adds tons of volume and is appropriate for any age or occasion. Even if you are not genetically blessed with the tresses of Kate Middleton, you can easily boost locks by knowing the proper blow drying technique.
Bella Bethesda Salon's stylist, Jenn, shares her tips for getting a straight from the salon look at home:

1. Evenly distribute a volumizing product such as Phyto Volume Actif throughout clean, damp hair. Rough dry about 80% of your hair motioning downward with small sections.

2. Start by blow drying the section closest to the nape of your neck. Pull hair in an upward motion with a round brush.

3. Continue to dry your hair as you work your way up the head, section by section.

4. Once you get to the crown of your head, press the "cool" button on your hair dryer and let the hair cool on the brush before pulling it away from the hair. This is called setting the hair. Finish with hairspray such as Phyto Light Hold if desired.

5. For even more body, use hot rollers to create loose, smooth curls.

This look works best on medium to thick hair but is also a great technique to boost limp, fine hair. An added bonus, this blow dry is a fantastic way to work your arm muscles!