Curly Hair Q & A Part II

Our resident curly hair specialist, Megan Atkinson, fills us in on the most requested questions from our clients. Stay tuned for the final post of questions next week!

6.     What are the best products for defining curls without weighing them down?
If you find that most curl products weigh your hair down, you can opt for curl products intended to boost curl such as Moroccan Oil Curl Foam or Reform Spring Curl Mousse. Diffusing curls will also help to boost curl and give volume.

7.   What causes frizz?
Frizz occurs when the cuticle (the outermost layer of hair) does not lie flat, which results in a dull, uneven surface appearance. Individuals with curly hair often see frizz due to the internal structure of the hair which naturally twists and bends.

8.     Are there styling tips for preventing frizz- blow drying vs. air drying, twisting hair, pulling it up to dry, etc.?
I usually recommend letting hair air dry in the summer, if possible, to reduce frizz. The less you mess with your hair, the less frizz you will encounter. Twisting is a great option to define and sculpt curls, while evenly distributing product. Placing clips in the roots of your hair to hold them upright while air drying is a great way to achieve height without diffusing.

9.     How do you use a diffuser properly?
It is best to use your diffuser with medium heat on the lowest speed.

10.     What is the difference between diffusing and twisting?
Twisting is a way to ensure a more consistent curl pattern and can be utilized to control and tame curl and frizz OR to give a boost to lazy curls. Diffusing is often used to dry the curls faster than air drying but can also help too add volume and boost lazy curls. This is not the best option for those who are looking to tame and reduce curl and volume