Curly Q’s (& A’s) Series

As we prepare to kick off our 5th Annual Curly Hair Month in August, we wanted to offer hair tips and answers to all your curly hair questions.  Our resident curly hair specialist, Megan Atkinson, excels in curly hair care but is also a certified straightening stylist.  Many of us know that maintaining curly, frizz free hair, can be tricky, especially when faced with heat and humidity we see here in our area. Luckily Bella Bethesda has the tips, tricks and tools to keep your curls looking fabulous year round.

Curly hair month is also a great opportunity for clients who normally wear their hair straight but would love to ditch their blow dryers and irons when it’s hot and humid. Learn how to manage your curls leading up to curly hair month with Bella Bethesda's Curly Q's (&A's) Series! Below is this week's Q & A with Megan, and stay tuned next week for more of your curly questions answered.

1.     I have curly hair, should I wash my hair every day?
Experts agree that it is not necessary or beneficial for any hair type to wash every day. Doing so can strip your hair and scalp of its natural oils, leaving the ends feeling dry and sometimes causing the scalp to overcompensate for the lack of oil.

2.     What is the importance of products?
Curly and wavy hair needs extra hydrating and strengthening hair because the twist and bends can naturally leave hair exposed and vulnerable without it; add in chemical processes and heat styling and curls can take a real beating. Style wise, curls and waves need an appropriate ratio of moisture and hold, which may vary by hair type and texture as well as seasonally. In general, hair may need more moisture during dry winter months and more hold during humid summer months.

3.     What are some products that will help keep my curls intact if I'm not washing my hair every day?
If you feel like curls don't hold up well after a good night’s sleep, try rinsing with conditioner instead of shampooing. Conditioner still contains surfactant which will help to remove dirt and oil, while leaving your curls hydrated. We also like to use a leave-in conditioner in spray form such as Phytomist or Sebastian Potion 9 Lite to refresh curls.

4.     How do you refresh your curl on the second day?
Avoid rewetting the hair with water because the pH of water is different than that of hair which may cause the cuticle layer to reopen resulting in added frizz. If you rewet the hair, be sure to apply conditioner again and rinse. Conditioner still has surfactant in it (the ingredient found in shampoo that rinses away dirt and oil) but will help to rebalance the pH and keep the hair hydrated. For a quick reset, try misting the hair with leave in conditioner like Phytomist or Deva mist-er right or adding a little Phyto 7 to smooth out frizz and refresh without weighing down the hair or making it greasy.

5.     Are there any good dry shampoos that you recommend for curly hair so I don't have to shampoo every day?
Our new favorite dry shampoo is by Coppola and contains keratin to help strengthen and hydrate hair while absorbing oil and odor.