Weekly Trend: The Knotted Ponytail

Bella Bethesda Expert: Brittany

At Bella Bethesda, we're all tied up trying to create knotted ponytails, a look that is both youthful and delightfully unexpected. This look requires long locks and is the perfect way to get your ponies out of their tired routine. Bella stylist, Brittany, has a few easy steps that will add that little something extra to your updo.

1. Start with dry hair and work a styling pomade throughout your hair.
2. Divide hair into two even sections, straight down the middle of your head. Pull one section to the side and underneath the other section of hair.
3. Tie a knot in the hair and pull tight to secure. Tie another knot below the first and secure the ponytail with a hair tie.
4. To create extra body and a more casual look, tease the remaining straight part of the ponytail with a fine comb and finish with hairspray.

Voila! Who knew knotted hair could be so stylish?