Weekly Trend: Tapered Men's Necklines

Bella Bethesda Expert: Ngoc

Busy men can breathe a sigh of relief because here's a style that will save time, money and still look great for weeks after a cut. Sharp, clearly defined, blocked necklines are a thing of the past, making way for the more natural, "lived in" cuts that are surfacing now.

Since this look is not a perfect straight edge to begin with, maintenance is minimal, even as the hair gradually grows out. An added bonus, this type of cut follows the natural hairline, so it helps slim wider-looking necks. Bella Bethesda stylist Ngoc recommends this style for men with short to shaggy hair in any age group.

To get the look, it is always ideal to start off the haircut with clean, washed hair. Ngoc uses clippers and a flicking, free-hand technique to give his clients this practical, tapered style.