Curly Hair Q & A Part III

As we conclude our Curly Hair Q & A with Megan Atkinson, we would like to invite everyone to our Live Q & A with Megan today at noon on Bella Bethesda's website  We hope to see you then!

11.     What products will lock in moisture and keep my hair from getting frizzy in the heat and humidity?
I recommend using two separate products to achieve frizz-free curls in the summer: Always start with a hydrating product, such as Moroccan Oil Curl Control Cream, and use an alcohol-free gel or mouse to provide hold, like Phyto Sculpting Gel.

12.     Are there specific treatments geared toward curly hair and preventing/fighting frizz?
There are several smoothing options (Japanese smooth control, Keratin Treatment, Thermafuse Treatment, Redken Smooth Control) to help reduce frizz and or cur. Be sure to consult with your stylist to determine which is right for you.

13.     What are good haircuts for individuals with curls?
Curly hair usually needs to be layered to avoid the "triangle" shape that occurs when the hair becomes bulky on the bottom and flat on top.
14.     What are the top 3 things I should remember with curly hair?
(1)   Never brush curly hair!
(2)   Hydration is key
(3)   The right cut can make or break your curly style

15.     Why does frizz become a bigger issue in the heat and humidity?
Frizz caused during the summer is because the cuticle layer of the hair swells as it absorbs moisture in the air. This is why hair that is dry and porous tends to have more problems with frizz in the summer.

We hope we have provided useful information and answered some questions during our curly hair month! Stop in to learn about our new curly hair line, DevaCurl.