Weekly Trend: Pastel Ombré Hair Color

Bella Bethesda Expert: Corey

Are you dying to dramatically spice up your look for a night out on the town, but still need to look professional come Monday? Try out this week's trend from Bella Bethesda stylist Corey: temporary color rubs. While ombré hair coloring has been popular in recent years, Corey says the new trend is a rainbow infused version that uses soft pastel tones to create a cascading color effect. Corey uses the brand Hair Flairs at Bella Bethesda to give his clients a fun, unique look. He says color rubs are applied directly onto the hair and blended with your fingers so it is easy to get the exact look you desire. This temporary hair color washes out easily with shampoo so it's even great for kids who want to experiment with hair dye.

Corey says that medium to shoulder length hair works best for this trend and recommends it for preteens up until women in their 30's. He shares these helpful hints for using color rub:
  • Start by treating clean hair with a leave-in conditioner to seal the hair cuticle, allowing for the color to spread evenly and wash out easily.
  • Seal the color into place by using hair spray and style with a texturizing product to create a tousled, edgy look.
  • As with any hair color, wear gloves while applying color rub and protect your clothing with a towel or cape. Color transfer is possible even after the color rub is sealed, so wear dark clothing.
  • Keep in mind that bleached blonde or chemically processed hair may require 2-3 washes to remove the dye.