2013 Bridal Looks - Classic

Works well for
Any texture from fine to coarse that will hold curl, shoulder length or longer
Look suited for
This versatile style is ideal for any venue, season, or time of day.
Featured Products
A workable hairspray like Moroccan Oil gives flexibility and hold while styling. Phyto Fiber Paste helps smooth and separate curls, while the stronger hold of Sebastian Shaper Hairspray finishes off the look.
Secret to getting this look
Your style is feminine and romantic, and you want to stay true to this on your wedding day. This look is perfect for a delicate, timeless feel. Begin by winding hair in ½-inch sections around a curling iron or wand, spraying each section as you go. Pull a small amount of hair into the back, center of the head and secure into a ponytail – this will provide your base for pinning. Starting in the back and working forward, gently pin each curl into the base. Keep the curl smooth and intact with fiber paste, taking care not to pull too tight. Once curls are all pinned into place, finish with hairspray.

Classic Look by Kristian Davis