Men's 2013 Trends, Slick Side Part

In honor of Father’s Day, Bella will devote the month of June to celebrating men’s hair trends.  It can be a little tricky to nail down which men’s hairstyles will be popular from one season to the next.  This is largely due to the fact men’s hair trends do not change constantly, like those of their female counterparts.  Instead, they evolve over time and are subtly transformed into a modern twist on the classics.  This series will provide a closer look into which looks are hot and how you can achieve them.

Slick Side Part
This look is inspired by those of the 1920’s and 1930’s and possesses an air of old-school charm.  It allows maximum ability to showcase your individual style, as it can be taken from classic to modern with a snip of the shears.  Shorter sides cut higher on the head combined with a longer top will result in a more dramatic and modern look.  No matter which end of the spectrum you choose, make sure your stylist keeps the edges neat and tidy.

To style this look, begin with damp, towel-dried hair.  Select the appropriate pomade or gel (we recommend Firm Grasp - Texturizing Clay) by deciding how much shine and hold you want.  Starting with a small amount, distribute product in your hands and apply throughout the hair.  Comb into desired style.   

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