Handle with Care: A Guide to 365 Days of Great Hair - Graying and/or Aging


Cooler weather calls for a warmer coat. If you’re trying to grow hair thicker and fuller, Redken Intraforce Shampoo and Toner will get you on the right track. Anyone can use this product and it comes in two formulas: color-treated and natural.

At Home

The must-have accompaniment to your shampoo and toner is Redken Intraforce Scalp Treatment, designed to increase blood flow and energize the scalp. Optional products to enhance results are Micro Boost, which targets areas of greater hair loss, and Hair Advance, an intensive treatment used for 10 days, 3-4 times per year.

In Salon

Thicker, fuller, healthier hair begins with a healthy scalp. Ask your stylist for Redken’s Anti- Thinning Scalp Stimulate Service at your next visit. This service uses microdermabrasion to deeply cleanse and accelerate cellular turnover.