A Lesson on Professional Styling Tools: Curling Iron and Wand

Has the overwhelming variety of styling tools out there left you feeling confused?  If so, look no further.  

Over the next few weeks, we will sit down with Bella’s styling experts to set the record straight on the benefits of using professional tools, as well as how to properly use them.   

Bella Expert: Tania

What is it?  Professional Curling Iron and Wand

What does it do?  Variety of styles from loose waves to tight curls

What are the benefits?  
  • Multiple temperature settings for different hair textures
  • Heats up quickly (this allows for quick styling with minimal damage due to reduced time heat is in contact with the hair – the rule of thumb is to count to ten, then release the section)
  • Iron: clamp allows hair to be easily secured
  • Wand: lack of a clamp makes it extra user-friendly

**Tips and Tricks**


The ideal barrel size for creating loose, modern waves is 1 ½” – larger and smaller barrels can be used depending on length of hair and desired tightness of the curl.  Fine-haired gals should infuse a bit of texture into their hair prior to curling.  To achieve this, apply Redken Wool Shake to damp hair before blow-drying.   When you’re ready to curl, part hair down the middle and apply Redken Quick Tease (fine textures) or Redken Hot Sets (normal to coarse textures) throughout hair.  Taking vertical sections that start closest to the face, begin curling hair away from the face.  Work your way to the back center of the head and repeat on the other side.   


The same preparation products can be used when styling hair with a wand.  Hold the wand horizontally in one hand and wrap each section of hair around it with the other hand, leaving the ends out -- take care not to burn yourself.  Wands are not intended to curl all the way to the end, but rather to create a looser wave.