A Lesson on Professional Styling Tools: Brushes and Clips

Has the overwhelming variety of styling tools out there left you feeling confused?  If so, look no further.  

Over the next few weeks, we will sit down with Bella’s styling experts to set the record straight on the benefits of using professional tools, as well as how to properly use them.  

Bella Expert: Rebecca

What is it? Professional Brushes and Clips

What do they do?  Ease the process of achieving desired look

What are the benefits?  
  • Clips allow you to style hair one section at a time to avoid being overwhelmed
  • Croc hair clips are especially user friendly and hold a lot of hair in each clip
  • High-quality construction
  • Product satisfaction guarantee (when purchased through Bella)

**Tips and Tricks**

By having your stylist recommend the correct tools and how to use them, you won’t waste time and money on brushes and clips that don’t fit your needs.  Selecting the correct brush size for the length of your hair and the style you want to achieve is crucial. 
  1. Paddle brushes are great for quickly rough drying the hair.
  2. Boar bristle round brushes give smoothness to coarse, unruly hair.
  3. Ceramic round brushes conduct more heat, almost acting as a curling iron, which allows you to achieve more body. 
  4. To achieve maximum volume and body, set hair on the brush and allow it to cool before removing.
  5. Clean brushes regularly with shampoo/soap and water to remove product buildup.
  6. When using clips, move section by section around the head.