Holiday Recovery with the Phytokératine Collection

Has your hair fallen victim to neglect and abuse at the hands of too many blowouts and updos during this season of soirees?  Are you giving it the nourishment it needs to prevent and repair damage? 

The Phytokératine Collection combines keratin-filling and anti-dryness actions to care for weakened, damaged hair.  Each product in the collection contains ingredients to reconstruct, hydrate and protect hair.  Damaged hair is repaired and regains softness, suppleness and shine. 

Follow the regimen below and your hair will be on the road to recovery in no time!

SHAMPOO:  Phytokératine Shampoo

Formulated to gently cleanse even the most delicate, fragile hair.

CONDITION:  Phytobaume Repair Express Conditioner

This silicone-free conditioner gently detangles and facilitates styling without weighing hair down.

TREAT:  Phytokératine Mask

This mask transforms the most deeply damaged, straw-like tresses, from core to surface.

STYLE:  Phytokératine Spray

This spray actually treats while protecting from heat damage.  Its deep repairing ingredients are activated under heat and rebuild the internal structure. Hair is stronger with regained elasticity and shine.

FINISH:  Phytokératine Serum

A delicate, lightweight serum that mends split ends, while restoring suppleness and silkiness to damaged ends.