Makeup Trends: Eyes

Over the past few weeks, Bella’s styling experts have divulged their insider tips and tricks to selecting and using professional styling tools.  Now it’s our makeup artists’ turn to clue you in on what’s hot just in time for those holiday parties.

Bella Expert: Amanda


Current trends are steering away from the traditional smoky eye and incorporating more metallics and vibrant pops of color into the palette.  Metallics have long been a popular choice for eyeshadow, but are now an increasingly trendy choice for eyeliner.  The pops of color being seen most are intensely pigmented purples, blues and greens.  For those looking for even more drama, add a splash of glitter to the lid or liner or create a thicker, winged effect with eyeliner.   

Tips and tricks:      
  • When applying a vibrant pop of color, be sure to keep the rest of the look more neutral.  For example, combine a bright liner with a neutral shadow and a bright shadow with a neutral liner.
  • Build up a thick liner very slowly – this will give you more control of the end result.
  • Start small if you’re a little intimidated by bright colors – a colored liner is a great place to begin.
  • When creating a winged effect at the outer corners, close your eye, hold the corner of your eye and draw a straight line.  Don’t try to wing liner out; instead, build the line up higher with each stroke.  When the lid is released, the illusion of a wing appears.