Makeup Trends: Lips

Over the past few weeks, Bella’s styling experts have divulged their insider tips and tricks to selecting and using professional styling tools.  Now it’s our makeup artists’ turn to clue you in on what’s hot just in time for those holiday parties.

Bella Expert: Gloria


Without a doubt, the red lip is one of the biggest trends on today’s makeup scene.  However, one of the greatest challenges people have is selecting the best shade for their skin tone.  With only two main options, an orange-based warm red or a blue/pink-based cool red, you’d think this would be a simple task.  However the choices are seemingly endless, so Bella expert Gloria has come to the rescue to clear up all the confusion.

Though the information below will help take the guess work out of choosing the most harmonious shade for you, don’t be scared to experiment with the opposite of what is recommended.  Contrasting lipstick shades can look stunning and are guaranteed to make a statement.

Very Fair Skin with Cool Undertones: Pink or blue-based red
Fair Skin with Cool Undertones: True cherry red
Fair Skin with Warm Undertones: Warm reds
Sun-kissed Medium Skin: Sheer reds
Olive Skin: Smoldering classic red
Deep Olive Skin: Sheer, glossy red with gold flecks
Brown Skin with Cool Undertones: Cool, blue-based red
Brown Skin with Warm Undertones: Deeper reds that have both blue and brown in them – not too much of either
Dark Skin with Cool Undertones: Dramatic, yet classic blue-based hues
Dark Skin with Warm Undertones: Warm reds and sheer red glosses