Handle with Care: A Guide to 365 Days of Great Hair - Graying and/or Aging

Our winter hair care guide is here!  As some of the coldest and most extreme weather descends upon us, winter's guide highlights how to manage these harsh, dry conditions. Tune in the next four weeks to discover tips on products and treatments to help your hair survive the winter and come out in tip top shape for spring.


Many of us begin coloring our hair as the grays begin to multiply.  It is especially important to use a hydrating, color-protecting shampoo and conditioner during the months that boast the most extreme temperatures.  Try the new sulfate-free Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner.

At Home

As hair ages, it tends to become more fragile and loses shine.  To improve texture and appearance, try a moisture foundation product like Phytodefrisant.  This product not only lays the groundwork for other styling products, but also smoothes, hydrates and strengthens hair.

In Salon

To further protect your color, try a Redken Chemistry Color Extend Shot at your next appointment.  This can be paired with a Clear Moisture or All Soft Shot to infuse a much-needed dose of moisture.  These treatments are custom blended to specifically fit the needs of your hair condition and texture.