Handle with Care: A Guide to 365 Days of Great Hair - Curly or Straight


While lower dew points take humidity off the table, curly girls must still remember to hydrate.  Supplement your regular hydrating shampoo once a week with Phytonectar, a treatment shampoo that gently cleanses, nourishes and revives thirsty hair.  Phytolisse Mask can be used every time the hair is shampooed to help fight frizz due to dehydration. 

At Home

Apply a smoothing serum like Phytolisse Serum when hair is either damp or dry to control frizz, add shine and create a polished look; this product can be used on both curly and straight textures.  For a soft, long-lasting curly look, try Phyto Curl Energizing Cream.  This product not only defines and separates waves, but also moisturizes and protects hair.  

In Salon

Curly hair is naturally more susceptible to dryness and tends to get especially parched this time of year.  Ask your stylist for a luxury Nigelle treatment to infuse moistures back into hair.  For hair in need of extra nourishment, pair this with the Noiraudepro treatment to strengthen and repair any areas in need of some extra TLC.