Q & A with Bella Stylist Boy, Part II (Graying and/or Aging)

Q:  What hair style trends are best for making you look 10 years younger?

A:  Two silhouettes should be taken into consideration – the outer shape of the hairstyle and the shape created around the face.  Don’t be misled into thinking you need to go shorter as you age – this is not always true!  The overall rule should be to avoid accentuating any problem areas you may have.

Q:  What is your most important recommendation to mature clients for keeping their hair in good condition?

A:  Always see a professional for your color services.  They will know which colors to use to create shine, dimension and to accentuate hair quality.  Also, be aware of how your hair is changing and make adjustments based upon its needs.

Q:  What regimen do you recommend for clients with thinning hair?

A:  I highly recommend Phyto products because I use them myself and see results.  The important thing is to address the needs of both the hair AND the scalp.  Phytolium Shampoo and Treatment will address both of these by removing excess DHT from the scalp and boosting circulation and hair growth.