Q & A with Bella Stylist Boy, Part III (Graying and/or Aging)

Q:  What is the best solution or recommendation to combat each sign of aging hair?  Why do each of these occur?

  1. Texture: Change in texture to either wiry or fine and wispy can be caused by either health or hormonal factors.  For wiry textures, it is important to provide a more refined moisture base so it is able to penetrate the coarser texture.  For fine, wispy textures, it is imperative to keep the scalp as healthy as possible.  Introduce lighter moisture to the hair while still adding fullness through the use of styling products.
  2. Thinning: Diminished density should be addressed similarly to the fine, wispy change in texture mentioned above.  Your stylist can also camouflage lack of density by using color to create the optical illusion of fullness.
  3. Dullness: Surface dullness tends to occur more with a wiry change in texture.  It can be caused by two things: the coarser texture makes it more difficult for moisture to penetrate the hair and since it is no longer a smooth surface, the reflective quality is lost.  Blow-drying hair more smoothly and adding a shine product to your regimen can help solve this issue.
  4. Dryness: Increased dryness is caused by the changes occurring on the scalp and hair due to the body’s decreased ability to produce moisture.  A change in diet, such as increasing your intake of omega acids, and the use of a hydrating shampoo, conditioner and treatment based on your particular hair type can alleviate this issue.
  5. Brittleness: Fragility and breakage occur as aging reduces the integrity of the hair structure.  Unfortunately, this problem is unavoidable, but can be eased through the use of products that will strengthen the hair.
  6. Graying: Gray hair occurs as the body quits producing melanin, which gives hair its color.  Be sure your stylist alters your color formula as your natural color and texture change.

Q:  What is the difference between chronic and temporary hair loss?  What are the causes of each?

A:  Chronic hair loss is the result of a variety of ongoing problems that render the body incapable of efficiently absorbing nutrients.  Temporary hair loss is attributed to illness, thyroid, seasonal changes, medication, stress, pregnancy or menopause.  A third category of hair loss is hereditary; although this is not preventable, it can be slowed with the proper diet, lifestyle and products.